In May (through Columbus Day), every year since 1896, The Goldenrod starts to buzz with excitement as the candy makers once again prepare to open, creating those famous salt water taffy “Kisses” and fond memories. Parents continue the summer tradition of gathering with their children to watch the candy makers perform their taffy-magic. The sweet aroma of boiling sugar and molasses fills the air, the taffy puller churns and dances a hypnotic motion as onlookers are mesmerized by the candy man twisting those world famous, mouth-watering sensations “Goldenrod Kisses”!

Goldenrod Kisses were originated before 1896 on the very site where they are manufactured today. They are made fresh daily from ingredients of the highest quality, which are selected for their purity and flavor. Made within sight of the breaking surf, Goldenrod Kisses have the exhilarating tang of the sea characteristic of salt water taffy.

They are made in 12 delicious flavors and an occasional limited edition flavor to keep us all guessing and checking in.

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